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Coffee Quotes: Like a Caffeine Jolt for Your Sense of Humor

Coffee Quotes: Like a Caffeine Jolt for Your Sense of Humor

If you’re like us, you love everything about coffee. The smell. The taste. The look. New gadgets. You like it hot, you like it cold, and you will likely drink it luke-warm just because you hate to see it go to waste. And, because coffee inspires the java lovers out there, we are fans of coffee quotes to get us going and keep our spirits high during the day. 

Here are 5 quotes that have inspired our creativity and hard work this week. 

1. “Today’s good mood is sponsored by coffee.”

Today's good mood for coffee

2.  “Coffee in one hand, confidence in the other.”

Caffeine Jolt Coffee Confidence

3. “May your coffee kick in before reality does.”

Coffe kick

4. “Coffee is my favorite co-worker.”

Coffee is my favorite

5. “No matter what historians claim, BC really stands for “Before Coffee.”

Caffeine Jolt BC Coffee

Do you have a favorite coffee quote? We would love to hear about it! Are you lacking in coffee inspiration at work? Read on to learn more about our Twin Cities coffee services!

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