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The Inside Scoop on our Coffees

We’ll work closely with you to determine the ideal bean quality and price point for your company, based upon your unique needs. Our partnerships with local roasters allow you to enjoy continual enhancements to specialty-grade coffee offerings, available only through Coffee Mill.

Coffee Mill currently offers a broad range of Starbucks coffees. Many have discovered that most of our coffees reflect the authentic coffee house experience.

We have many of the exceptional coffees that Caribou offers.

Coffee Mill offers an extensive range of whole bean coffees, ranging from our fine hotel and restaurant blend all the way to our unique, top of the line gourmet coffee house blend.

The Equipment Behind that Perfect Cup

Coffee Mill’s state-of-the-art, automatic coffee brewers are ready for immediate installation. If your water source is available near the brewer location, we can typically make the water connection for you. To ensure the purest water quality for your brewing process, consider Coffee Mill’s water filtration system. The best news: there is free use of equipment when you work with Coffee Mill!

Yes! Coffee Mill has a variety of coffee brewers which brew directly into thermal carafes, including airpots.

Coffee Mill offers equipment which allows you to brew anywhere from 20 to 50 cups of coffee at one time – so everybody has coffee when they need it.

We customize a delivery schedule based on your needs. We clean the brewer and clean or exchange all thermal and glass pots during every visit. This on-site visit includes preventative maintenance, which may include pot replacement.

Contact us immediately at 763-391-7997 or info@new.coffee-mill.com. We will send an immediate dispatch to our service technician, and in most cases your machine is good as new in four hours or less.

We feature several Flavia and Keurig single cup brewers.

Look to Coffee Mill’s exceptional selection of Breakroom Products to take care of all your condiment and paper product needs.

We design a custom program for each client. First, we determine your ideal monthly supply, so there is not a monthly minimum. There’s no contract when you agree to buy your coffee and related supplies from Coffee Mill.