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Commercial Coffee Maker & Equipment

Coffee Mill provides state-of-the-art commercial coffee maker and equipment by the industry’s most trusted manufacturers. We feature Newco brewers for small, medium and large businesses as well as single-cup brewers by Keurig and Flavia. In addition to brewing units, we supply airpots, thermal pots, glass dispensers and Cappuccino machines.

Beyond providing the highest quality equipment, Coffee Mill services and maintains your machines and periodically exchange units to keep your coffee experience exceptional. Because you and your colleagues deserve a quality cup of coffee.

Contact us for a personalized analysis of your coffee break area to determine which hand selected coffees, as well as which machine, is best suited for your unique situation. We offer a variety of solutions, including, but not limited to:

  • Small Volume: under 50 people
  • Medium Volume: 50 – 100 people
  • Large Volume: 100 plus people
  • Single cup machines
  • Espresso / Cappuccino machines
  • Thermal solutions

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