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Large Volume Office Coffee Makers & Equipment

For a large business with multiple office locations, break rooms that serve a large number of employees or clients or cafeterias, Coffee Mill has brewers to ensure your last cup is as good as the first, regardless how many cups a day you’re brewing. The right equipment choice helps make sure you can brew the best.

Cafe Barista brewing technology controls the three vital aspects of the coffee brewing recipe: water temperature, water volume, and water contact time – extracting the best cup of coffee possible. Cafe Barista opens up a new world of flavor profile control by allowing you to select two different settings. And you can brew into two different size dispensers and/or two different strengths with the same machine. You control the time, volume and temperature with the touch of a button, no tools needed.

So Cafe Barista brewers greatly enhance account profitability by allowing two different beverages to be brewed on a single unit while dramatically reducing installation and set-up time.

  • Ready light indicates optimum brew temperature achieved
  • Blinking brew light alerts user that coffee is brewing
  • Universal base for perfect dispenser alignment
  • Gravity fed Hot Water Faucet for tea and soups
  • Tank “ON/OFF” switch
  • Pulse Brewing Option
  • Auto Arm Capable
  • High volume capability with 6-gallon reservoir
  • Heat assisted satellite (G-15) or thermal dispense (Econo Server)
  • Multiple volume brew selection
  • Digital heating technology

Best in class brewing solutions to deliver the perfect cup for your team.