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Medium Volume Office Coffee Makers & Equipment

For a business with a need for five or six air pots of coffee at one time, Coffee Mill has brewers to ensure your last cup is as good as the first, regardless how many cups a day you’re brewing. The right equipment choice helps make sure you can brew the best.

Coffee Mill provides a variety of coffee brewers for small business offices. We can help you ‘right-size’ the brewer to your crew!

The 20:1 Series was designed to satisfy our customer requests for a thermal dispenser brewer that would fit low clearance spaces yet still brew into most of our new thermals. These brewers incorporate our advanced solid state brewing and smart technology, a gourmet spray head, 3 independent brew selections, a universal base and a label kit to easily change your selections giving you 20+ options!

All the features are built into a stainless steel cabinet for long stability and durability.

  • Touch Key Buttons customized for coffee type or container type.
  • Digital Time Display lets you know when the coffee will be done.
  • Coffee Ready Light lets you know that you’re ready to brew.
  • Brewer Signal alerts when coffee is ready.
  • Brewing Light flashes to alert the user that the brewing is in process.
  • Auto-Arm our temperature sentry: will only allow brewing to happen at the correct temperature.
  • Power Bar signals that brewer is “On”.
  • Hot Water Faucet can deliver water at any time.
  • The series is quite versatile and continues to be our one of our top brewer lines.