Coffee Break Supplies: Sweetener and Creamer

Based in Blaine, Coffee Mill has been a leading supplier of sugar, sweeteners, and creamers to offices. You can totally trust us as our sweeteners perfectly blend with your favorite beverages to give a fantastic drinking experience. For those who favor coffee with added creamers, we also offer a variety of impeccable flavors including Hazelnut, Mocha, Amaretto, French Vanilla, and Irish Cream. We offer packets of sugar with a natural taste of sugar cane that dissolves quickly and gives you the perfect sweet taste just the way you prefer it.

We supply an array of sweeteners and creamers at highest competitive prices and firmly believe in a business model focused on sustainability. Our team is committed to quality, which is infused throughout our company from products to customer service. Offices can choose sweeteners, creamers and sugar based on varying sachet packs of 100 to 2000 on kg basis. For diabetics and other employees, we also offer low-calorie sweeteners. We offer fresh sealed packets of sugar, sweeteners and creamers ideal for all types of coffee and teas.

Sugar In the Raw Sugar Canister Sugar Packets Sugar Packets

Truvia Sweetener Equal Sweet ‘N Low Splenda Stevia

Cream Canister Cream Packets Half / Half Flavored Creamer
Carnation Creamer – Hazelnut, Mocha, Fr Vanilla, Irish Cream
Flavored Cream Canister – Hazelnut, French Vanilla

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