Coffee Break Supplies: Tea

A tea break at the office is one of the few opportunities to have a quick chat with colleagues, build a network or bump into coworkers who are not in your circles. Simply put, tea breaks promote employee efficiency and performance.

A good tea always helps to start your day. For this reason, Coffee Mill offers a vast range of different flavors, from classics to blends. Our branded tea offerings include Bigelow, Good Earth, as well as Tazo—covering a range of flavors from regular to herbal.

Coffee Mill sources the highest quality of tea only from the best producers in the world. We make sure all our teas undergo quality-testing processes, so our clients receive the safest product from each unique region. We believe in offering the best and freshest tea, packaging our products in attractive vacuum packs to sustain their flavors.

For your office breakroom, you can choose from an exotic array of flavored, premium-quality black, white, green and decaffeinated herbal blends, all at affordable rates.

Backed by years of experience, we have built a strong relationship with various clients, and are committed to offering superior tasting tea. We have been associated with different companies delivering exceptional break-room tea services. Coffee Mill understands that that our office tea services have a direct influence on your corporate culture, and our only goal is that you have the best tasting cup of tea. We take pride in offering the best teas for your office. If you have any questions or suggestion you’d like to share with us, just email or call us. We would love to hear you.

Bigelow Tea
REGULAR- Cinnamon, Green, Earl Grey, Raspberry, Lemon Lift, Plantation Mint, English Tea Time
HERBAL – Apple Cinnamon, Cranberry Apple, I Love Lemon, Cozy Chamomile, Sweet Dreams, Orange/ Spice

Good Earth Tea
REGULAR- Green, Black, Chai, Eng Breakfast, Earl Grey, Original
HERBAL- Chamomile, Original

Tazo Tea
Awake, Calm, Green, Zen, Passion, Earl Gray, Organic Chai

Lipton Tea
Lipton Regular, Lipton Decaf Tea, Lipton Green Tea

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