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Everyday Coffee

If you’re searching for a quality coffee at an affordable price, and tired of the “one taste fits all” approach of the big coffee manufacturers, you’ll find the coffees you crave right here.

  • Hearth Blend – Deep and delicious, a rich blend of several fine coffees.
  • Lauren’s Blend – A blend of Colombian, Guatemalan and Sumatra has a full, rich flavor.
  • Gray’s Bay Blend – A blend of Guatemalan and Sumatra has a bold, rich flavor.
  • Sumatra – A deep, earthy coffee with very little acidity.
  • French Roast -A very dark, smoky coffeewith a hearty finish.
  • Colombian Vienna Roast – a smooth coffee with a hint of toast.
  • Coffee Mill Blend – A rich bold coffee with a strong finish.
  • Flavored Coffee Variety – A variety of our most asked for flavors.
  • Vienna Decaf – A rich decaf with a hint of toast.
  • Coffee Mill Decaf – Our house decaf has a deep, rich coffee flavor.
  • 100% Colombian Dark – Our 100% Colombian Dark has a rich, smooth flavor, with a bright delicious finish.
  • Colombiana Blend – Our Colombiana Blend has a full, round flavor, with a bright smooth, subtle sweetness.
  • Special Decaf – A smooth blend of Central and South American decaf beans.
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