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Sam and Evan's Coffee — Honduran Grown and Fair Trade Coffee

Meet Sam and Evan, two energetic and very giving young men who are no longer with us. They never knew each other, but they shared a common passion for helping unfortunate children in Central America. Today, happily, their spirit lives on.

Through the efforts of Sam and Evan’s families and others who care, we bring you this extraordinary blend of coffee. From the cloud forests of Honduras, these 100% Fair Trade and Shade Grown beans are carefully harvested and roasted to perfection. Best of all, your purchase will preserve Sam and Evan’s quest to help kids, not just in Central America, but everywhere a need is recognized.

When it comes to selling coffee in front of such an important social cause, one could be forgiven if the quality in the cup didn’t quite match the quality of the mission. After all, you have higher reasons than the taste to support the brand.

Fortunately for you, we at Sam and Evan’s Coffee care as much about our coffee as we care about the causes behind it. In both, we hold our efforts to the highest of standards. After all, our charities need you to keep coming back.

With Sam and Evan’s Coffee, you no longer have to choose between drinking great coffee and supporting great causes. Instead, you can do both.

sam and evan's coffee