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13 Facts About Coffee: The Most Delicious Beverage in the World

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There’s nothing more satisfying than a great cup of coffee. Regardless of whether you only enjoy one steaming mug in the morning or drink a gallon a day, it’s important to know your facts.

Here are 13 interesting facts about coffee that make for great conversations starters.

According to legend, we have goats in Ethiopia to thank for our coffee.

The most accepted myth is that a 9th-century goat herder noticed his goats acting wild and jittery after eating berries from a coffee bush.

Coffee was eaten in its earlier days.

People used to grind and mix unroasted beans with animal fat and carry them along on their travels for an extra energy boost.

The popularity of coffee grew with the rise of Islam.

Alcohol was prohibited by the religion, but coffee was an acceptable beverage.

Coffee is the most traded commodity in the world.

Oil is the number one (legally) traded commodity. How many cups of this tasty commodity do people across the world consume every day? According to research, over 2 billion.

Almost all of the world’s coffee is grown in the “Bean Belt.”

The Bean Belt is the area between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Why does coffee grow so well here? The regions inside this area provide the ideal climate for coffee trees with moderate sunshine, sufficient rainfall, and steady temperatures.

Did you know Hawaii is the only US state that grows coffee?

Drip coffee versus espresso, which has more caffeine?

Espresso has more caffeine than drip coffee, right? Not necessarily. Espresso has more caffeine by volume as every ounce contains somewhere between 30 to 50 milligrams of caffeine whereas drip coffee has between 8 and 15 milligrams per ounce. However, because drip coffee generally comes in much larger serving sizes, the average person will get more caffeine from a typical coffee of cup over a shot of espresso.

Voltaire supposedly drank massive amounts of coffee on a daily basis.

The famous philosopher is rumored to have drank 40-50 cups per day. Great minds need fuel.

In the year 1675 King Charles II of England banned coffee houses.

Why? Because he thought people met at coffee houses to question his power and to plot against him.

Instant coffee was invented by a man named George Washington in 1906.

No, not the president, a Belgian guy with the same name who was living in Guatemala.

Espresso is just a way that coffee is prepared.

Espresso is not a special bean, blend, or roast. It’s created by shooting hot, pressurized water though compacted, finely ground coffee.

The term “Americano” originated during World War II.

The most popular theory is that American GIs would put water in their espresso to dilute it and create a more home-like flavor.

Cold coffee costs more than hot coffee.

Why? Cold coffee has to be brewed more than regular coffee, requires more beans, and plastic cups cost more than paper. On top of that, there’s added costs for ice and of course, the straw.

It only takes 10 minutes to start feeling the effects of caffeine.

That’s good news if you need a pick-me-up!

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