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Coffee Trends In 2021

coffee trends in 2021

After the crazy year we’ve all been through, we can’t help but look to what 2021 will have in store. There’s a collective feeling of optimism as we get out our crystal ball and look at the year ahead. Since we at Coffee Mill are more than a little obsessed with coffee, we obviously have our gaze set on what we’ll see in the coffee world over the next year. Read on to learn about some projected coffee trends in 2021.

Drive-Thru Coffee Shops

As we all continue our masked and socially distanced lives, expect drive-thru coffee shops to remain a popular choice for people seeking a coffee shop cuppa. Despite the fact that vaccines are now available, it will be some time before people feel comfortable enough to return to “normal.”

Did you know… the first drive thru coffee shop, Motor Moka, started in 1990 in Oregon? Guess what their first customer ordered? A hot dog! He had no idea what a drive-thru coffee shop was and assumed they were selling food, not coffee!

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

The past year has been filled with takeout, single use packaging, and a reduction in recycling. Many companies put any thoughts of sustainable packaging on the backburner and used whatever was available to keep up with their orders. 2021 is the year for packaging design to once again focus on sustainable options. Expect to see coffee packaging that is compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable. Read more about sustainable coffee packaging here.

Ready To Drink

Expect to see ready to drink coffee, also called RTD, rise in popularity this year. RTD is a convenient and delicious way to enjoy cold brewed coffee on the go. It’s typically a smart alternative to sugary beverages like sodas and bottled/canned coffees.

Coffee Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes have become really popular over the past years. Clothing, cosmetics, toys and games… You name it, there is a subscription box for it. Expect to see coffee subscription boxes become one of the most popular coffee trends in 2021. It’s a great way to try a variety of coffees from companies you may not otherwise be exposed to. Some boxes also include unique snacks and other beverages to try. Not to mention, you’ll never run out of coffee when it’s delivered every month. These make great gifts for vendors, family and friends, and of course, to treat yourself!

Delicious Coffee Delivered To Your Workplace

Remember, Coffee Mill continues to deliver great coffee, beverages and snacks to your office or workplace, even during the pandemic. More and more companies make plans for returning to work, and we are ready to bring the coffee! Get in touch today for a customized plan, tailored specifically for your workplace.