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Coffee Spotlight: Dunn Brothers Coffee

dunn brothers coffee

If you’ve visited your local Dunn Brothers Coffee shop, you already know how delicious their coffee tastes. If you haven’t had the opportunity to explore this Minnesota born coffee roaster, you are in luck! Coffee Mill is the leading provider of Dunn Brothers coffee for Twin Cities office break rooms. 

Who Are The Dunn Brothers?

Created in 1987 by brothers Dan and Ed Dunn, this coffee venture has grown from a few local shops to a nationwide affair. Because of their belief in small batch roasting, serving the freshest brew and keeping the community at the core of their business, the majority of their coffee shops are independently owned by members of the community across the country. 

Whether you are ordering a fresh crafted coffee from your local barista in store, or brewing a fresh pot at the office, you can count on the same taste and quality from every cup. And if you are looking for fresh, they brew small batches of coffee every day in their stores which keeps their brew rich, bold, and flavorful. 

Community and Environment Focused

This community coffee shop is always looking to give back to local neighbors in need. For this reason, Dunn Brothers stores donate to local food shelves as well as other community collaborations. 

Dunn Brothers teams up with respected certifiers of sustainably grown coffee, such as the Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade USA. They visit many of the farms where they purchase coffee to ensure environmental standards are being met. Doing so also strengthens existing relationships with farmers, and provides transparency to customers. 

Coffee Mill and Dunn Brothers

Coffee Mill is proud to partner with this community focused coffee roaster. Reward your employees and bring the smiles to your morning meetings with Dunn Brothers Gold Label premium office coffee. Whether you use drip coffee or single pods, you can count on a fresh, enjoyable cup of java every time. Ready to set up your Twin Cities office beverage service? Give Coffee Mill a call today and let’s start designing your perfect break room service!