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Choosing the Right Coffee Equipment For Your Workplace

Choosing the right coffee brewer for your workplace

Over the past 20 months your workplace has likely seen a decrease in the number of people coming to work in person, followed by perhaps an increase, albeit maybe slow, of people returning to work in person. Depending on your industry, you may have not seen any difference, or maybe you even saw an increase. This is a great time to reevaluate how many people are drinking coffee in your facilities each day. Here is a quick guide to choosing the right coffee equipment for your workplace. 

Start With A Head Count

Take a count of how many people you currently have using your breakroom, and then take a look at your equipment. Does it seem to line up? Maybe you have no idea- so here are some general guidelines for equipment based on how many people you have in your workplace.

Small Volume: Under 50 People

If your workplace has fewer than 50 people, then you are considered ‘small volume.’ We have the perfect small volume coffee brewers for your needs. Just because you don’t need to brew hundreds of cups each day, doesn’t mean you should sacrifice any of the bells and whistles offered on some of the machines designed for larger volume workplaces. And more importantly, you should not have to sacrifice on taste! 

Some options to consider:
  • The Newco ACE models: a versatile brewer line that is low profile (meaning it will fit under most low cabinets), a water level detection system to eliminate evaporation, brew safety lights, and even has a gravity-fed hot water faucet for teas and soups!
  • Single Cup: You can never go wrong with the single cup machine. Maybe you have some non-coffee drinkers in your office (we don’t understand these people, but suppose they deserve to have quality drinks too!) and you’d like to provide some other options for them. Or there is a great debate over which type of coffee to make (Decaf! French Roast! Starbucks! Caribou!), so instead of battling it out every morning, let your employees decide what they want. The two options we offer are Keurig and Flavia, and both have hundreds of choices of coffees, teas, hot chocolate, etc. 

Medium Volume: 50-100 People

If your business has 50-100 people, you will find yourself needing five or six pots of coffee at one time. We have brewers that ensure the last cup is consistently as good as the first! 

You’ve got some options: 
  • Single Cup: You can’t go wrong with the single cup makers, either on their own or to supplement your other machines. 
  • 20:1 Airpot Brewing Systems: These brewers fit a low clearance area while still brewing into our new thermals. These systems offer all the features you’re looking for, built into a stainless steel cabinet for long term durability. 

Large Volume: 100 plus people

Large volume workplaces have over 100 people. Multiple offices. Multiple locations. Could have a cafeteria, or serve customers, patients, etc. We’ve got you covered! 

  • Dual Commercial Barista: This brewer is the ultimate in versatility. Choose your flavor profile. Brew into two different size dispensers. Have two different strengths at the same time with the same machine. Brew high volumes of coffee easily with the six gallon reservoir. Use the gravity-fed hot water switch to make soups and teas. Seriously, what can’t this thing do? 
  • Single Cup: Even for large volume offices, these are still a great choice. Likely as a supplement to the Dual Commercial Barista, they are an easy and effective way to add some variety to your workplace. 

With Coffee Mill, There’s No Wrong Choice! 

Coffee Mill can help you with the daunting task of choosing the right coffee equipment for your workplace! Let our helpful, experienced team come up with a plan that is tailor made for your unique needs. And when you use Coffee Mill, you not only get the best equipment, but you also get service and maintenance, with periodic equipment exchanges. Get in touch today!