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3 Elements of the Best Office Coffee

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For many people, a hot cup of coffee is the perfect way to start the morning.  It particularly hits the spot during the cooler months of the year.  Going into the office in the morning five days per week requires a reward, right?  Grabbing that fresh cup of java right from your office coffee maker is that reward.  There are three elements that help make the best office coffee: flavor, variety and convenience.

Best Coffee for Office

Coffee Flavor

One of the great things about being a coffee lover today is that coffee companies all around the world have perfected their bean roasting techniques.  Commercial coffee makers in the Twin Cities are providing office communities with the experience of enjoying coffee from a native MN company, such as Caribou Coffee, or trying some of the specialty roast blends from Dunn Brothers.  The flavors of each bean reflect the various methods in which they have been roasted.  This gives offices a great range of options and flavors to choose from.


No coffee drinker is the same…some like it black and some like it best with cream and sugar; while others like to minimize the coffee flavor by having a cappuccino or macchiato.  Whatever your preference, there is a solution for the office space. One-cup coffee makers allow each individual within the office to select from a wide variety of hot beverage choices.  This includes a wide range of specialty coffees and barista style beverages, in addition to various tea choices.  


Whether you are using a one-cup coffee maker or brewing with a commercial size one; having coffee available to the office is a huge perk.  The convenience of not having to go outside of your work place to enjoy the benefits of having coffee may be the greatest reward yet.  No extra stops means much more time to spend on more profitable things…such as work.  

Flavor, variety and convenience make up the three main elements of the best office coffee.  Providing your Twin Cities office with a commercial or one-cup coffee maker is a tangible way to reward or thank employees for coming into work each day.  Serving coffee with rich flavors and great variety by adding a coffee maker to the breakroom will reap short and long term benefits for the overall office moral. Reward yourself and your staff with a hot cup of coffee any and every day of the year.