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3 Small Office Coffee Maker Solutions

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When it’s time to outfit your office with a coffee maker, there are a myriad of options to choose from. There are many different brands, sizes, and varieties of coffee makers. While selecting the best small office coffee maker for your employees may not be themost important item on your to do list, it certainly deserves some thoughtful consideration. After all, a cup of joe (or three) may be the difference between an ok day and a highly productive one.

The Single Serve Brewer

If you’re looking for a small office coffee maker, one of the most popular solutions is a single serve brewer. You’ll get one cup of coffee at a time quickly and with very little cleanup or effort. A single serve also gives users endless options of flavors, brands, and even serves tea and cocoa drinkers.

The tradeoff on the single serve is that java connoisseurs tend to believe that the brew is of lesser quality and there’s also the environmental impact of the disposable pods to consider. There are more eco-friendly options for pods, but anything offering the convenience of single serve does tend to come with a higher lifelong price tag.

The Commercial Brewer

For more of a mid sized office or perhaps a small office with a heavy coffee flow, a commercial brewer may fit the bill. You’ll get more coffee with each brew and save money by purchasing bulk beans or grounds, but the unit itself is a larger upfront cost. You will also more than likely need to have a place to hook the machine directly to a water source and it will have to be professionally installed and serviced. If your office coffee needs are great, this option will still save you money in the long run since the machine is more durable and will last longer than a smaller brewer.

The Old Faithful Traditional Brewer

Convenience and quality converge with a traditional coffee brewer. You can get up to 14 cups of coffee with one brew and as long as your employees don’t mind a standard type of brew office wide, this is always a good option. Do your research to get the best machine that you can as quality varies significantly amongst makes and models.

Small Office Coffee Maker from Coffee Mill

Regardless of the option you choose, make sure you’re outfitting it with great coffee: that’s the most important part! And make sure that your coffee break room is well stocked and ready to caffeinate your hard-working team. Contact Coffee Mill today to find out more about how we can fulfill your office coffee needs.