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4 Common Coffee Myths Debunked

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As told by history, consuming caffeine and one of the delicious (and heavily consumed) beverages it’s found in, namely coffee, is bad for your health. Parents would keep it from their children and medical professionals warned of its ill effect on the health of those partaking. As of late, however, these claims have been thoroughly refuted by science. Coffee break service MN experts from Coffee Mill are happy to give you four debunked myths that have hung around long enough.

Coffee will stunt your growth.

False. There is exactly zero evidence suggesting coffee or caffeine affects bone density or height in humans (despite studies theorizing such claims). The statement is ludicrous in this day and age and should be tossed out of your mind immediately.

Drinking coffee will put you at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease.

Wrong again. People who consume a moderate amount of java (3 to 5 cups a day) are actually at a lower risk for developing cardiovascular problems than those who don’t partake. And the folks who consume over five cups a day? They didn’t show any higher risk than the subjects who didn’t drink any coffee. This study says so.

Your daily cuppa’ contributes to stroke.

Oh contraire! Science says once again that moderate consumption decreases your overall risk for stroke compared to people who don’t drink any coffee.

Drink coffee at the risk of your heart failing.

No. No, no, no. This was disproved in this study and risk was the lowest for those consuming four servings of java daily. Risk for heart failure didn’t increase until a whopping ten cups a day were consumed.

To be fair, these studies are all based on the consumption of coffee. Black coffee, to be more specific. Take it easy on the condiments and you may just be reaping some pretty excellent health benefits from your beloved daily (or twice daily; who’s counting?) cup of joe.

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