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4 Iced Coffee Boosts For the Office

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Break Room Supplies = Refreshing Break Room Surprise! Many people enjoy a nice iced coffee starting in the spring and throughout the summer months.  Here are some quick iced coffee tricks that can make your coffee break even better. When your employer provides the coffee break room services, you get to enjoy a beverage at your work place.  Here are some ways that can boost your iced coffee experience at the office.

  1. Coffee Ice Cubes Do you like iced coffee, but hate that the ice cubes water it down?  Well, take some coffee and pour it into ice cube trays.  Place it in the freezer in the break room and there you go! Add the coffee ice cubes to your coffee to make it cold while keeping that rich flavor.
  2. Cinnamon Sweetener Add a twist for your taste buds. Instead of sweetening your coffee with sugar, use cinnamon.  It’s a healthier alternative than refined sugar.
  3. Experiment with Flavor Extracts Shake up the flavor of your coffee everyday by adding flavor extracts to your coffee supplies.  Extracts mix up the flavor as well as sweeten.  Just another way to skip the sugar. There are so many different flavors to choose from; you could have a different flavor of coffee for two weeks straight.
  4. Shake it Cold One of the main problems with making iced coffee at the office is that it’s hot.  Typically at home you would cool the coffee over night in your refrigerator.  Since you are at the office you do it a different way.  All you need to have is a cup with a lid.  Pour your hot coffee into the cup and add your coffee ice cubes and…shake!  This is the quick way to do it.  If you are willing to wait for it to cool off, you can leave it in the freezer for a bit to cool down before you partake in your cold brew.