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4 Break Room Supplies Every Office Needs

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Here are the four break room supplies every office needs:

1.) A Good Office Coffee Machine –

You may have more important machines in your office but don’t try telling your employees that. The days of filtered coffee from a pot that’s been sitting around for hours have come and gone. With new and improved commercial coffee machines on the market, your employees can enjoy free, exceptional brew all day long. They can even have Cappuccinos or Espressos. Perks like these go a long way toward maintaining a happy work environment.

2.) A Fast Microwave (or two)

Nothing is more frustrating than watching the clock tick away your break while you’re waiting your turn for the microwave. Be sure you provide your employees with a microwave that has been built for your office size. A smaller, residential type microwave is probably not going to cut it. For a break room in a larger company, you will want at least a medium-duty commercial microwave. 1200-2000 watts. (Wattage determines the speed the oven will cook. The higher, the faster.)

3.) A Clean Refrigerator

This one is big and speaks for itself. Become an enforcer. Never let food, especially unprocessed food like leftovers, sit too long in the break room refrigerator. It’s unsanitary, disgusting, and a morale killer. Assign the task and follow up religiously.

4.) Comfortable Furniture

This one is often overlooked. As business owners, we provide ergonomically sound seating for our employees at their workspaces but frequently forget to do the same in the break room. Fortunately, it’s an easy fix. There are a multitude of great chairs and tables that are designed for office or break room use.

Coffee Mill has providing break room supplies to the Twin Cities MN metro area Since 1974. If you have questions about office break room supplies or services, we encourage you to contact us.