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A Healthy Love of Soup

A Healthy Love of Soup

Every day you see commercials for new food items meant to fill the need in our high paced world for healthy, easy to make meal options; But most of them forget the original easy to make, tasty health food. Soup!

Soup for Your Health

Soup is the tasty and filling answer to any meal. It can be made in minutes and combines cereals like rice and grain pasta with lean meats, lentils, and vegetables. This makes it the healthy and hearty answer for the hungriest worker or student on-the-go. Nutritionists rave about soup because it’s filling but low in energy density. That tasty broth is made of water and spices and so is filling while being low calorie. This means that a bowl of soup is the perfect answer to coming home hungry but still wanting to eat healthily.

A single bowl of soup is usually filled with vegetables and a cup of water in the broth. This provides much of the nutrient and hydration needs for people on the go. The broth in soup absorbs much of the vitamins and minerals of vegetables that are so often baked away. So, make sure to finish the tasty goodness to the last drop.

Warm Up

Soup is served hot, which helps to warm the body’s core. This is important in a state like Minnesota. Soup is the answer to cold winter days and drizzly spring rain; when its cold out, the soup is hot inside. If it’s particularly cold, have two bowls.

Cold and Flu Combat

How many times has your mother said that chicken soup is good for the cold? Scientists now tell us that chicken soup contains anti-inflammatories and helps to clear up mucus during flu and cold season. So, it turns out mom was right. So next time you can feel a cold coming on, a bowl of hot soup is just what the doctor (and your mom) ordered.

Coffee Mill provides a wide selection of soups that you can offer to your hungry, on-the-go workforce. A hot cup of soup is the perfect answer to power them through another workday.