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Why Bean to Cup is Best

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When you’re looking for the freshest cup of coffee possible, bean to cup coffee is what you’re after.  These coffee makers not only brew incredibly fresh coffee, they do it all at the touch of a button.  When you buy pre ground coffee and brew it in a regular coffee maker, you’re missing out on the deep flavor of the oils that evaporate after a short time once beans are ground.  With a bean to cup coffee maker, the oils don’t have time to evaporate since the beans are ground and then immediately the coffee is brewed.  The question is, have you experienced the wonder that is bean to cup coffee anywhere outside of a coffee shop?

Bring the Coffee Shop to the Office

What if this excellent version of coffee could be the reality in your office, Monday through Friday?  Celebration worthy coffee shouldn’t just be for fancy coffee shops.  You can make any barista proud with the coffee brewed in your office by stocking your break room with a bean to cup coffee maker from Coffee Mill.

Advantages of Bean to Cup

If you’re going to serve great coffee to your employees, there are a few reasons that make this type of coffee maker advantageous.  These machines are simpler to use than a traditional espresso machine since they brew espresso at the touch of a button.  This comes in handy when your barista skills are lacking.  These machines also offer flexibility since you can brew the obvious bean to cup version or grounds and you’re not limited to specific capsules or pods.

If you’re interested in supplying a coffee shop worthy coffee maker to you and your employees, contact Coffee Mill today.  Not only can we supply you with a great machine, we can make sure you stay well stocked and ready for the workday.