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Tackle Spring Cleaning with Coffee

cleaning with coffee

We’re all spending a lot more time in our homes these days, and maybe noticing that things could use a good spring cleaning. Did you know coffee grounds can work like magic when it comes to the inside of your home? Read on to explore the many ways you can dig into your spring cleaning with coffee.

1. Freshen Up A Stinky Fridge

We all know coffee smells great while it’s brewing, but did you know that coffee grounds work as a natural deodorizer? If your fridge could use a little freshening up, simply place a cup of coffee grounds inside your refrigerator – smell be gone! To keep foul smells at bay, replace the coffee grounds every 15 days. Want a sweeter smell? Add a couple drops of vanilla.

2. Sparkling Pots and Pans

Do your pots and pans have hard to remove stains baked into their surfaces? Coffee to the rescue! Coffee grounds are naturally abrasive making them a handy tool for scrubbing. A few teaspoons of coffee grounds placed on a soft cloth should do the trick when it comes to removing grease and those pesky food particles. While you’re at it, scrub out the kitchen sink and clean the outdoor grill! Be sure to avoid porous dishes and it’s always a good idea to test surfaces before you go all out – they may get brown stains.

3. Reduce the Fireplace Mess

No deep clean would be complete without a good wood-burning fireplace cleaning. To reduce the amount of dust and debris floating around your home during the cleaning process, sprinkle some damp coffee grounds over the ashes. The coffee grounds are perfect for weighing down the ashes and preventing those messy smoke clouds, and they ultimately make it easier to remove the ashes. 

4. Deodorize Your Hands

If you love to cook, there’s a good chance you find yourself with stinky hands from time to time. Whether it’s garlic, onion, or fish – grab a handful of used coffee grounds and scrub your hands thoroughly. Rinse away the grounds under warm water and say goodbye to any unpleasant smells.

Isn’t coffee amazing? Not only is it good for our bodies inside and out, but cleaning with coffee offers healthy, creative solutions around the home. Do we have you thinking about your next big cup of java now? Give us a call or send us a message today.