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Coffee – a few favorites

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As the owner of Coffee Mill, I guess you could call me a coffee guy. I have done some traveling to source countries and try to both “cup” as well as taste coffee like a regular human so not only do I enjoy it, I am a bit of a geek with java too.

There are a lot of great beans out there and conversely, there is a lot of really bad stuff out there. Fortunately finding a good cup is pretty easy and like everyone, over the years I have a few favorites that I enjoy coming back to.

What I look for in coffee is texture (some may call that mouthfeel), flavor profile (very personal) and a good finish (how long it really stays with you.). Here are a few that I especially enjoy.

Colombian Huila (Vienna Roast)

This is a perfect day in / day out coffee. It is not too dark, not too light and has a buttery texture that stays with you. I was first introduced to this Varietal from a West Coast Roaster – Cravens Coffee Company and it has remained one of my favorites for the last decade. Like a favorite wine, I try to always have a bag on hand to enjoy.

Guatemala Hue Hue Tenango (Italian Roast)

This is a very nice Central American hard bean which means you can take it to a very dark roast and it still maintains it’s integrity.  With some bold smoky tones, this is a great one to have in the morning and holds up well if you like to drink it through some milk.

Sumatra Mandheling (French Roast)

This is a big bodied cup of coffee that is great for after dinner. With low acidity up front, it has a great finish with some nice toast on it. If you were the Dos Equis guy (the most interesting man in the world), this would probably be your cup.