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Want to Boost Your Mood? Science Says Drink Coffee!

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Are you looking for a natural way to boost your mood every morning? Science says there is a strong correlation between coffee and mood. Many of us depend on a big cup of java to get ourselves moving in the morning, but coffee is so much more than a jolt of energy.

A number of studies have shown that our favorite caffeinated drink has the ability to help ward off depression and enhance our mood.

Can Coffee Ward Off Depression?

Caffeine should never be a replacement for antidepressants. That being said, research shows that it can definitely help ward off depression, especially in women. A study performed by Harvard researchers, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine,showed evidence that caffeinated coffee lowered the rates of depression among women. In fact, women who drank 2-3 cups of caffeinated coffee every day were 15 percent less likely to develop depression over the 10-year study period. Women who drank 4 or more cups a day had a 20% lower risk. However, women who only drank 1 cup of coffee or drank decaf did share the same benefits. 

In addition to the above benefits, coffee has the ability to protect the heart, lower the risk of cancer, lower the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, protect against Parkinson’s disease, and protect against cirrhosis of the liver! 

Ready To Boost Your Mood? Drink Coffee!

If you’re searching for a safe and natural mood enhancer, it doesn’t get much better than coffee. When you drink a cup of coffee, the caffeine affects the central nervous system by stimulating your brain and major nerves. This then leads to enhanced cognitive functioning. The caffeine decreases mental fatigue, improves your concentration and enhances your alertness. All of that increases your motivation and helps to prepare your for the day or task ahead.

Enjoying 2-3 cups a day (or around 300 milligrams) of caffeinated coffee can lead to a more positive mood. This wonderful drink generally increases happiness as well as pleasure. Overall, coffee just makes us feel good.

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