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Coffee Break Services MN: Tricks of the Trade

Coffee Supplies MN

What does it take to embody excellence in pursuit of the phrase: coffee break services MN?  Minnesotans, along with most Americans, take their coffee and their breaks pretty seriously.  They want great coffee, a suitable assortment of sugars, creamers, teas, hot cocoas, and other condiments (bonus points for cinnamon), and they want it, well, when they want it.  Which is usually at regular intervals during their workday or leisure.

They basically want their coffee accessible at all times.  And in the manner that they prefer to drink it.  Is that too much ask?  Are we all being far too demanding in our caffeine desires?  Perhaps.  But let’s face it:  happy employees are productive employees and at Coffee Mill, we’ll do everything we can to come alongside of you and ensure the productivity of your company.

Some coffee break tricks of the trade are specific to the colder regions of the country.  Ergo:  coffee break services MN, tricks of the trade, first edition…

It’s cold here.  We want warm things.

Coffee.  Tea.  Cocoa.  Hot soup.  Warm us up on our breaks so that our minds don’t fall into a frozen trance-like state.  Please and thanks.

We want a variety to spice up the gray, hum-drum that is work…er, winter.

Keep us invigorated with choices.  Flavors, condiments, stir sticks, oh my!

If the French Vanilla creamer runs out, all will be lost.

No one really likes half-and-half, it’s simply a placeholder for the good stuff.  Be aware of what gets low quickly and have Coffee Mill at the ready to keep the break room well stocked.

So maybe these are no-brainers.  But maybe they’re a good reminder to keep your priorities straight.  Coffee is, after all, deemed a necessity by 98% of Americans.  And 70% of statistics are made up on the spot, so there’s that too.

We hope you take our tricks of the trade into serious consideration and contact Coffee Mill today!  We’ll keep you and your employees warm, happy, and well-caffeinated all year long.