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Coffee is for Runners

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Are you having trouble deciding if you really should stock up on coffee supplies when you’re an avid runner? Well, we have good news for you. You can pull out those tennis shoes, get into the running mode, and drink your java. Whether running for fun or training for a race, a runner benefits from a bit of coffee intake each morning. Why should you enjoy that cup of joe every morning even though you’re a runner? Read on for health benefits you’ll enjoy as a runner who drinks their java.

Antioxidant & Power Boost

Coffee is filled with antioxidants that are great for your system. They help keep you healthy and repair damaged cells throughout your body.  If you are pushing yourself to run further and harder, then your body could use some help to heal your muscles as they get stronger and strain to hit that extra mile.

Each run requires energy and power to keep you moving. The caffeine in a cup of coffee can help to excel your performance as an athlete and keeps you moving. It gives you the boost you might need after a long night of studying, being up with the kids, or up with friends.

Grab your mug, fill it up, and enjoy your two favorite pastimes in stride: coffee and running can coexist!

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