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Coffee Mill is so Much More Than Coffee

Chris Benson - Coffee Mills

Here at Coffee Mill, we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality, best-tasting coffees to break rooms and customer showrooms throughout the Twin Cities. But, sometimes we need to remind our customers that we are so much more than just coffee.

Tea, anyone?

We have a wide variety of hot and cold teas for even the most discriminating tastes. We offer options for hot chocolate and spicy cider for cold days and cool lemonade for hot days. We have a full range of soft drinks for those who enjoy sipping their refreshment and even provide water filtration systems so that your clients and staff can have the best tasting, cleanest water in town.

Snacks for All

We can’t come to each of your employee’s houses and make them a sandwich before work, but we can supply a wide selection of candies, condiments, salt and pepper, paper plates, Styrofoam bowls, plastic cutlery, napkins, paper towels, cups, and other lunchtime necessities to make their mid-shift repast a work of art.

Equipment and Condiments to Satisfy

Besides delivering the finest coffees, we also provide water filtration systems because we know that the best water makes the best coffee; we have a wide selection of coffee makers from small single cup options to large volume machines to serve offices of 100 staff or more. We provide a selection of thermal pots and carafes to ensure that every department and every staff meeting has coffee options available to them. After all, a budget meeting without coffee quickly becomes a kindergarten naptime for grownups. We also provide a number of options for creamers, sweeteners, and stirring sticks to make every cup of coffee the perfect cup of coffee.

Supplies for a Well-Stocked Cabinet

Coffee Mill can also make your supply runs for you. We can bring you everything you need for coffee supplies to ensure that all of your cupboards are kept stocked and save you and your staff time; time you can use sitting back and enjoying the finest coffees in the land. Because while Coffee Mill is so much more than coffee, we are still pretty crazy about our coffee.