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There’s a lot of folklore and some mild competition surrounding coffee shops. Maybe the folklore is a bit light, but the competition does exist in underlying currents in the coffee drinking world. Which, as we know, is the world most modern day adults thrive in. Mornings without coffee are like peanut butter without jelly, eggs without bacon, or teenagers without smartphones. They aren’t happy places to be. That being said, the quiet champion of the coffee world (according to serious java connoisseurs) is, drum-roll please: Dunn Bros Coffee Twin Cities MN. Well, just Dunn Bros Coffee in general, but the best place to drink it is in the Twin Cities.

Do we have proof?

This is all anecdotal, opinion-based, and very unscientific, but here’s the reason Dunn Bros Coffee takes the cake (Takes the mug? We’ll have to work on that one) in the face of fierce competition. The primary competitors in the Twin Cities, MN are the always popular Starbucks and the locally beloved Caribou Coffee. So what sets Dunn Bros apart?

It’s all good.

Don’t get us wrong, you’ll get an excellent cup of Joe from all three of these fine establishments. And while Caribou rises to the forefront of many minds as the area’s most beloved franchise, it’s important to note that Dunn Brothers Coffee originated in the Twin Cities as well, right on Grand Avenue in St. Paul.

In in the beans; or the cherries to be more specific.

Back to the evidence based non-research we’ve not conducted. Dunn Brothers Coffee roasts their beans in store and in small batches. This method of small batch and in store roasting of the coffee cherry allows Dunn Bros to roast 12-15 varieties of whole beans and gives coffee fuller and fresher flavor.

Dunn Brothers takes their coffee roasting very seriously and we’re pretty sure that’s why legitimate coffee lovers (we’re talking the folks who love black coffee; not the sugared down variety) tend to prefer the flavor and richness offered by the franchise.

Dunn Bros Coffee Twin Cities MN: It’s yours for the drinking.

Whichever coffee chain you frequent, let it be known that you can access their beans on a daily basis from the comfort of your office by securing office coffee supplies from Coffee Mill. Contact us today with any questions.