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CoffeeMill’s Scott Schwartz Goes To Guatemala!

Gueatmela Coffee - Coffee Mills

Terry and I had a fun and successful trip to Guatemala connecting with many of the children in the NPH orphanage, and visting three coffee farms; called “fincas”.

Terry, who has been bringing mission groups to the orphanage for the last 11 years gave me a complete tour of the NPH orphanage including the classrooms, and sleeping quarters as well as their wood and metal shops, their sewing and bakery classrooms all if which is geared to help prepare the kids for their future when they leave the orphanage. The orphanage’s level of self sufficiency was impressive .

They grow much of their own vegetables and fruit, and have 120 pigs and numerous chickens to help feed the children. They have the finest soccer field in the area named for Terry’s son; Sam (of Sam & Evans) One coffee farm stood out above all the others- the ivagro coffee farm about an hour north of the city of Antigua. The owner, Dr Cabbarus and his son Jose were very kind and hospitable, inviting us to have dinner with them after our tour of their finca.

Though we are a small company, Dr Cabbarus and Jose were very interested helping our cause by selling their coffee to us. Our goal is two-fold; to sell Guatemalan coffee in the U. S. and use the profits to help the NPH orphanage, and to set up a coffee and bakery storefront in Antigua to help the kids financially and to help them learn about business.