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Dunn Brothers Coffee based out of MN is rooted in Community & Excellence

dunn brothers coffee

We are going to address two main questions in regards to the title of this article.  We are going to look at the role of Dunn Brothers Coffee plays a part in the MN community while being a producer of great coffee.  Dunn Brothers Coffee is a MN based company that has been around since the 1970’s.  Throughout this time, they have kept their commitment to “offering our customers exceptional coffees while rewarding the farmer, protecting the environment, and bettering our communities.”  Even through the expansion of the company with franchising stores, they have been committed to this vision.

How does Dunn Brothers serve the community?

One of the biggest ways that Dunn Brothers helps serve the community is by partnering with coffee farmers who practice sustainability for the environment.  Along with that is following the guidelines of Fair Trade USA.  This ensures that Dunn Brothers coffee farmers are paid a fair price for their work and the beans produced.  Being a Fair Trade coffee producer means that every employee involved in the coffee production process receives a fair wage for the work that they do.  Paying people fairly and protecting the environment helps to boost the local economy of the growers, and protects the environment for many more decades of healthy coffee production.

How does Dunn Brothers strive for excellent coffee?

Dunn Brothers Coffee MN works with skilled farmers who know how to properly produce great tasting coffee.  The goal of the company is to offer 100% certified sustainability produced coffees, which can only be done by fully committed, responsible coffee producers.  In more recent years, Dunn Brothers has partnered with World Coffee Research as a collaborative development project to protect, grow, and enhance the world’s supply of quality coffee.

Working for the means of the local community while maintaining their agenda for producing exceptional coffees has been sustained over the years, as this Minnesota based company continues to grow and reach new places.  You should take advantage of Coffee Mills coffee break services that offer the quality beverages that the Dunn Brothers coffee produces.

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