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Get to Know Flavia Coffees and Inspire your Staff

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United States of Coffee

Americans have a special connection with their caffeine, in particular, their coffee.  Many people won’t go a day without at least a cup or two of java, and for good reason:  health benefits, mental stimulation, and simple comfort are all great reasons to drink your cuppa’ each morning.  Not to mention it tastes great and can be modified to meet your temperature needs:  hot coffee in the cooler seasons and iced coffee when summer rolls around.  Coffee truly is a magnificent beverage.

Employee Zen

Employees in particular appreciate access to great coffee during the day when they get the chance to stretch their legs and refocus their minds.  Having an excellent office coffee maker and ample coffee supplies leads to a more productive and happier staff.  When options are limited and coffee quality is poor, this gives your employees something to grumble about—discourage any semblance of negativity and get your people energized with great coffee.

The Magic of Flavia Coffees

Meet the Flavia coffee machine:  this beauty is the office-worker’s coffee dream.  This office coffee machine not only brews a regular cup of joe, it also has options for gourmet coffees, fresh tea, and specialty drinks such as cappuccinos, mochaccinos, and cafe latte creations.  Not in the mood for a large dose of caffeine?  There’s a hot chocolate option as well.  Flavia coffee flavors abound and your staff will be ecstatic and energized when you install a Flavia coffee maker into your office.

When it comes to coffee break services, Flavia will set you apart and you will reap the benefits with contented employees.  Appreciate your staff and they will return the favor!

For professional assistance, contact Coffee Mill today:  we are your premier provider for coffee break supplies and office coffee machines in the Twin Cities and your preeminent Minnesota custom beverage service.  Stay hydrated!