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Give Your Office a Brain Boost With Coffee

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The office is the focal point of many people’s lives. For some it is the only place where they get their needed dose of social interaction. Often times the break room offers space away from the work area to allow employees to interact and refresh their mind before getting back to work. In order to promote a notable mind boost, there needs to be some kind of trigger or assistance, as often breaks are much too short. This is where making an addition of an office coffee machine to your MN work space comes into play. Make the most of the short breaks in the day to enhance your brain-boosting power for greater productivity.

You may be asking, how can coffee lead to greater productivity in the office?

Great question. Take a look at some of the ways that java can impact our brains, causing people to be more alert and ready to work.

Staying Awake

All nighters or almost all nighters happen to many more than one would think…especial those with young children or insomnia. The daily struggle of fighting sleep during the workday can feel like a never-ending war. The caffeine element in a cup of joe can help in fueling the mind with energy to get people through the day. Staying awake is likely the number one key to productivity in the workplace. Adding that commercial coffee maker to the break-room may be just what people need to help keep them awake.


Sitting and staring at a computer all day is hard on the eyes and stiffens the body. Office coffee machines give employees a reason to get up, stretch out, and relax their eyes. A perfect thing to do when between tasks, allowing for a clean break in between projects. A sip of coffee can be what someone needs to refocus their brain on a new task at hand and give them the energy to dive all-in.

Greater Camaraderie

The connections that happen in the break-room around the office coffee maker lead to stronger connections between employees. As many workplaces have groups or teams of people working together on projects, the importance of strong relationships is vital to open communication. Having a shared interest in enjoying a cup of coffee during the day can lead to incalculable amounts of improved quality and productivity of work. When your employees have good relationships and rely on each other to get the work done, they are likely to be more successful and enjoy the work they do.

Coffee Mill, office coffee provider in the Twin Cites, specialize in serving coffee in office break-rooms that lead to greater employee alertness, focus and relationships. Supplying name brand, fair trade, fresh coffee from right here in Minnesota you can be sure that the quality of the brew is top notch. Fresh coffee and a fair price can make a world of difference in your office setting.