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Healthy Coffee Add Ins to Boost Your Coffee Game

Healthy Coffee Add Ins to Boost Your Coffee Game

Healthy Coffee Add Ins: 4 Easy Ingredients

Whether you reach for that cup of joe for its heavenly aroma, smooth taste, or the much needed caffeine rush, we understand what it’s like to need that first mug of coffee to get going in the morning. If the only thing you have time for when you wake up is coffee and you tend to skip out on breakfast, why not add a few extra health benefits to your cup? 

From spices to chocolate, here are four healthy things you can add to your morning drink to boost your coffee game.


Cinnamon isn’t only for the holidays. Did you know that adding a pinch of cinnamon to your coffee can help lower your blood sugar, decrease cancer risks, majorly boost antioxidants, and help protect your brain and heart? Add around a 1/2 tsp to your coffee or you can add it to your coffee grounds before brewing.


No, we aren’t talking about chocolate syrup, but cacao is just as good – and it packs a healthy punch. Raw cacao powder is considered a superfood for a number of reasons. It contains strong antioxidants, much-needed iron and fiber, lowers blood pressure, increases good cholesterol, boosts your mood, and has been shown to help fight depression. And best of all, it’s delicious. Ready to give it a try? Mix 1 tbsp of raw cacao into your next cup of coffee.


Yes, this one might sound odd or even counterproductive if you’re trying to be healthier, but a ton of research has been done proving there are some great benefits to adding a little butter to your coffee. To start, it needs to be grass-fed butter which is known to be packed full of vitamins D, E, A, and K as well as omega-3’s. The butter also helps release the caffeine more slowly so you feel fuller longer and avoid the jitters. This is a popular drink for those on the Keto diet and those trying to lose some extra weight. Add 1-2 tbsp of grass-fed butter to your coffee. Not into dairy? Use ghee instead. 

Coconut Oil

Like it sweet? Get rid of artificial creamers and sugars and give coconut oil a try. What are the benefits? Research has shown that coconut oil can lower your risk of heart disease, aid in weight loss, kill bad bacteria in the body, and increase brain function in those with Alzheimer’s. Next time you find yourself reaching for your favorite creamer, try using 1 tbsp of coconut oil instead.

Healthy Coffee, Quality Beans

The best cup of coffee always starts with quality beans. If you want to inspire your employees and help them achieve their health goals, contact Coffee Mill today. We would love to help you find the perfect custom coffee program for your office!