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How Coffee Affects Aging

How Coffee Affects Aging

Drink Coffee Daily for Improved Mind, Mood & Longer Life

Coffee affects aging in ways that allows us to live longer & happier. Grab a coffee & read on.

Coffee is a favorite drink of millions. For those who drink it black as a way to wake up in the morning to those who enjoy a $5 specialty drink from their favorite upscale coffee bar, we can all agree that coffee is the taste the powers us through our day. Now, more and more medical professionals are telling us that coffee is also the taste the powers us through to longer and happier lives.

Coffee is a great source of antioxidants. Antioxidants help your body to repair damaged cells. It also contains caffeine which is shown to have healthy effects on the mind of the imbiber. Three to five cups of coffee a day has been found in medical studies to reduce instances of heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, cirrhosis, gallstones, and asthma. And, a couple of cups of coffee a day added to a healthy diet and exercise has been shown in numerous medical studies to be causally linked to leading a longer and healthier life.

Healthy Mind

We all know that feeling of being more awake, alert, and attentive after that first cup of coffee in the morning. Now we are finding that coffee has also been shown to help to ward off dementia and Parkinson’s disease in those who drink coffee daily — diseases that are so often linked to age. This means that the alert and attentive feeling brought about by coffee lasts for more than just the morning, it can provide years of clarity of mind.

Improved Mood

Millions of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis and claim to feel more awake and in a better mood afterward. Doctors are now telling us that there is more than allegorical evidence about coffee’s ability to improve our mood. Studies show a causal link between moderate coffee consumption and reductions in instances of depression and related suicide. So, feeling better after your morning cup of coffee is not just about waking up, it actually has a beneficial medical influence on your long term mood.

Longer Life

Even more amazing is that studies in both Europe and California are finding that daily coffee intake is directly linked to longer life. Both studies found that those with moderate daily coffee consumption had reduced instances of premature death. Coffee drinkers display better health results across the board, with reduced instances of heart disease, neurological disease, and suicide in numerous studies.

So, drink that second cup; Doctor’s orders. And if you are looking for a wide variety of choice coffees for a long and tasty life, contact us at Coffee Mill.