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How Coffee Improves Workplace Productivity

Coffee at workplace - Coffee Mills

We’ve all seen those workplaces where the staff moves around like mindless zombies. Half awake, semi-sentient automatons dragging their feet through their daily duties; blobs of unawakened protoplasm with no aim but to return to bed. If this looks like your workplace some mornings, what can you do about it?

What you need is a workplace panacea; a mystical super energy potion that will liven up both your employees and your bottom line. But, what apothecary can sell us a magical elixir? At Coffee Mill, we sell just the thing: coffee.

It’s not magic. It’s coffee.

The caffeine in coffee has been found to break down fat stores in the body giving your employees the energy they need start their mornings and to keep them humming all day long. It also bonds with neurotransmitters in the brain to keep them sharp and alert as they go about their tasks. This means that from their first cup in the morning through a quick pick-me-up during their afternoon break, your staff will keep moving all day long.

Not only will your staff be more alert, but they will be more productive. Numerous studies have found that moderate coffee consumption helps employees with speed, attention to detail, and accuracy in their work duties. A single cup of coffee has been shown to improve work speed and performance for more than an hour. A single pot of coffee waiting for them in the break room will have your whole department buzzing like a busy swarm of happy worker bees.

Caffeinate them and they will thrive.

The caffeine in coffee has also been shown to improve cognitive function, memory, and some learning processes.  This helps your staff to make decisions, learn new skills, and produce in work that requires creativity and problem-solving. You just bring a fresh pot to staff meetings or group classes to turn your staff into a team of super-minds working together to build a workplace utopia.

A cup of coffee also helps to fill the stomach and give your digestive system something to work on to ward off hunger. A nice cup of coffee will work to keep their bellies full and their minds on the job. Coffee is also a mood elevator. Numerous studies have found that a single cup of coffee brightens the mood and brings about a better sense of happiness, even while stuck at work. This literally means that a pot of coffee in the breakroom makes all of your staff more content while at work.  

Do you want to build a team of brilliant and happy employees who fly from task to task keeping all of your customers happy? Call Coffee Mill and talk to us about bringing the world’s best tasting coffee to your workplace to energize your staff.