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How To Have The Best Coffee Business Meeting

Best Coffee for Business Meeting

We all love a good coffee business meeting right? Well … maybe the coffee part of the business meeting. Did you know there are actually coffee meeting business etiquette rules to consider? There are … and not only that – a few reasons why you might want to turn your next business meeting into a coffee meeting!

Best Business Meeting Coffee

1. Strong Agenda – Let the attendees know in advance if your meeting will provide coffee, lunch or other items as well as a list of meeting topics. Providing this information in advance allows all in attendance to plan accordingly and know exactly what to expect.

2. Have Hot Coffee and Fresh Food – With so many other tasks needed to hold a coffee business meeting , you’ll need to time the coffee and food part just right. Making the coffee too soon can lead to cool or burnt coffee. Purchasing food a day or more earlier can leave the items too stale for presentation at meeting time. Eliminate the time and rush by having these items catered in if you can. If you can’t have these items delivered to you – then ask other staff to assist in the preparations.

3. Make Introductions – Before starting the meeting and while everyone is settled in, introduce everyone. Start by introducing the highest ranking person in the room followed down to the lowest ranking person.

4. Eating Allowed? – Most coffee business meetings refer to just that … coffee and business. Typically, you’ll want to also have a few items to eat as well. Be considerate of what you choose for the business meeting. If someone is doing a presentation or conducting a seminar – having a bag of crunchy loud potato chips may not be the most welcomed addition to the meeting. The bag is loud and crunching can be a distraction.

5. No Phone Policy – This is a huge distraction to everyone at the meeting. Some meeting hosts will announce that all phones should be turned off or put on “Airplane Mode” for the duration of the meeting. This will help provide a distraction free environment and all participants will be focused on meeting objectives.

There you have it … simple coffee business meeting etiquette rules to consider for you next office meeting! Have any other tips to add? We’d love to hear about them!