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Increase Employee Satisfaction with Micro Markets

Coffee Supplies MN

Coffee Break Supplies:

Coffee Mill has partnered with Royal Vending to bring micro markets to the office break room. Employees will love pairing their favorite coffee with the vast selection of high-quality foods offered in their break room market.

Royal Vending, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been providing quality vending services to the Twin Cities for over 20 years. As the largest independently owned vending company in the Twin Cities, Royal Vending has the ability to provide great personalized service to both large and small businesses.

What Are Micro Markets?

A micro market is a small convenience store located right inside of your place of business. From healthy lunches and fresh snacks to treats and refreshing beverages, these customizable markets have it all.

The greasy fried snacks and sugary drinks of your everyday vending machine are a thing of the past. These small convenience stores transform your break room into a self-serve market place. A large selection of high-quality products makes it possible for your employees to find the perfect snack or lunch, and the no hassle self-checkout kiosk allows for quick and easy payments.

Have limited space? These customizable markets are tailored to fit your break room. The layout of the coolers, freezers, baskets, and shelves are designed to optimize your available space and make shopping a breeze.

Worried about security? Every market comes with a security system which keeps your products safe and discourages theft. Keep in mind security systems are only used in closed environments such as a designated break room.