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Is Coffee Hydrating?


Is Coffee Hydrating? Yes!

Here at Coffee Mill, we love coffee science and we are eager to separate fact from fiction. With the additional challenges of staying hydrated in the summer, coffee drinkers may wonder about whether the caffeine in their morning java poses an additional risk of dehydration.

The idea that coffee causes fluid loss comes from the fact that it is a mild diuretic (something that makes the kidneys produce urine). However, you still intake and retain water from coffee drinks. So consuming a healthy amount (up to 4 cups) does not cause a net loss of hydration. If you are habituated to consuming coffee it likely won’t even have a diuretic effect. You can safely consume your favorite beverage even in the hottest months of summer. Drinking coffee poses no extra risk of dehydration.

In fact, when consumed in moderate amounts, coffee hydrates similar to water, says a study performed in the UK.

Keep in mind that you may need extra hydration in the summer. While this isn’t due to coffee consumption — other factors contribute to needing extra water — factors like climate, health status, and exercise do play a role. Consuming eight oz. glasses of water (from sources including coffee and food) is still a good goal to aim for.

This summer be sure to stay hydrated. And remember you can drink your coffee (without guilt!) as part of your daily fluid intake.