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5 Creative Ways to Use Leftover Coffee

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As coffee lovers, most of us hate to see this precious drink wasted. But don’t fret, that leftover coffee doesn’t have to get dumped down the drain! Whether you’re in a hurry and don’t get to finish the pot or you just made a little too much, your remaining java can be put to good use.

Here are 5 creative uses for leftover coffee.

1. Cook With Leftover Coffee

There are thousands of recipes that call for coffee out there, so why not try something new? From tasty desserts like tiramisu to rubs and chilis to refreshing coffee cocktails, the options are endless!

Need ideas? Check out some amazing coffee recipes here.

2. Water The Plants

If you have acid loving plants in your garden, get ready to share some of your brewed coffee with the great outdoors. Plants that will thrive on the occasional coffee water include orchids, azaleas, pine trees, and rhododendrons.

Have leftover coffee grounds? Add them to your compost for some added nitrogen in your garden! The grounds often act as a natural deterrent from critters like slugs and rabbits as well.

3. Get Rid Of Bad Odors

Is your fridge or freezer giving off a nasty smell? Coffee grounds are fabulous at absorbing odors. After brewing a pot of coffee, place the leftover coffee grounds in your refrigerator to absorb any unpleasant odors. 

4. Make Ice Cubes

If you’re not a fan of hot coffee, try making some coffee ice cubes. Freeze your leftover coffee in an ice cube tray and add them as needed to your fresh, hot cup of java. This is the perfect way to cool down your coffee without watering it down and taking away from the amazing taste. 

5.Get Creative

Are you the creative type? Love doing crafts with the kids?  Coffee is fantastic for dying fabric as well as painting. If you’re dying clothes, coffee creates a really nice earthy brown color. If the kiddos want to paint on a rainy day, just grab some watercolor paper and a few paint brushes.

Leftover coffee is great, but fresh brewed coffee is better! If you’re searching for the perfect coffee for your office, Coffee Mill is ready to help! Whether you need break room supplies or dependable coffee delivery every month, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our Twin Cities coffee services.