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Making Iced Coffee At Home

Iced Coffee at Home

Making Iced coffee at home is easy and fun!

It’s easy to forget that the summer can be two-faced. To remember her long days of sunshine and forget her intervals of blistering heat. When the weather has been miserable for multiple days, cold coffee can be a game changer. At Coffee Mill, we love experimenting with different ways to drink and brew the good stuff. It’s fun to tinker with different ratios and flavors, and there’s nothing quite like making the drink your own. If you’ve ever considered making your own cold drinks, now is the time!

Brew it Hot

If you want a fix without the time investment of a cold brew, iced coffee does the trick. If you brew a bean that tastes good to you hot — chilling it should produce a quality iced brew. Depending on your office break room, you might be able to use one of these methods to enjoy iced coffee at work! Remember that pouring hot coffee directly over ice can result in weak diluted coffee. Here are three methods to keep the flavor of your cup strong:

Brew a stronger cup. If you have a single cup coffee maker, like a Keurig or Flavia, get a bolder flavor by setting the brew to the lowest water setting. Ready to give this method a go? Click here!

Use ice cubes made out of coffee or concentrate. Sugar doesn’t dissolve well in cold beverages, so now is the time to add it. It’s also fun to include ingredients to melt or steep like mint or chocolate. Here’s how to make fancy ice cubes.

Let your freshly brewed coffee sit for an hour, so it cools to room temperature. Refrigerate it for two hours after that, and you will have cold coffee ready for drinking. You can then safely pour it over ice without risking rapid melt.

Brew it Cold

For many, cold press is superior to iced coffee. The lower acidity and higher caffeine ensures that it remains a favorite. Although there is a greater time investment, the result is delectable. Just be mindful that it needs to steep for twelve hours, so it can’t be whipped up fifteen minutes before work.

Cold press coffee is brewed in higher concentration than hot coffee. Cutting the concentrate with chocolate dairy or nut milk rather than water adds a kick and plays up the smooth texture. A creative chef may also add a splash of this concentrate to chocolate desserts or a smoothie.

Not sure where to start? Learn how to make Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee or Coffee Concentrate.

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