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Now Available From Coffee Mill: Eccellenza Touch- Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

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Do you want a bean to cup coffee machine?

Do you need an office coffee maker?

Interested in bringing a premium coffee experience to your office?

Look no further! Coffee Mill is now offering the Eccellenza Touch, a revolutionary new brewing system, to workplaces that have 250 or more employees.

Eccellenza Touch Bean to Cup Brewer, bean to cup coffee maker

The Eccellenza Touch comes with an intuitive 10.1” touch screen that makes it easy for employees to choose their favorite beverage, although the impressive brew variety may make it difficult to pick just one. The Eccellenza offers 12 different options for light and dark coffee and 18 unique options for dark and decaf as well as a hot water dispenser for tea lovers. In addition, the Eccellenza Touch features 3 different brew strengths and cup sizes so employees can easily find a setting to match their preferences.

What are the other benefits of the Eccellenza Touch? The 10.1” touchscreen not only makes the selection process easy, but it can be used for advertising and communication so you can share important news or updates right from the breakroom. The Eccellenza also comes with a Wi-Fi interface allowing you to easily access equipment data and status remotely.

Contact us today to learn more about the Eccellenza Touch and discover how you can bring this premium coffee experience to your workplace!