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Coffee Mill: Not Your Average Office Coffee Delivery Service

office coffee delivery service

When Coffee Mill first started designing custom beverage services in 1974, we only offered two regular coffee blends and a single decaf option. Today, we are able to bring our customers more than 30 unique blends from around the globe. It’s true that our services evolved and offerings expanded over the years. However, our main mission remains the same: to share our passion for delivering an exceptional office coffee experience. Delivering superior customer service and excellent products is always our number one goal. Sure, there are other office coffee delivery service companies out there, but we think you’ll agree that Coffee Mill is the best!  

What Sets Coffee Mill Apart from Other Office Coffee Delivery Service Companies? 

We work one-on-one with you to create the perfect office beverage program for your business. We take into account how many employees you have, what your specific needs are concerning coffee equipment, breakroom snacks, and beverages, as well as catering to employees who may require sugar-free options or healthier food choices. 

Service Oriented

Because we are service-oriented, we will never drop your supplies on the doorstep and drive away. Each and every visit our friendly staff will test equipment, clean and exchange airpots and carafes, and organize your beverage area.

Inventory Management

In addition, our experienced Route Representatives provide inventory management to ensure your employees never run out of their favorite coffee or tea.

Budget Friendly

Do you keep a close eye on your budget? No problem. We offer product monitoring and usage reports monthly, quarterly, and yearly to help with forecasting and budgeting.

Equipment Monitoring

Lastly, we are passionate about equipment monitoring. We log all repairs and issues so we are able to proactively replace brewers. If something does break, our goal is to assist you within four hours.

What Breakroom Products Does Coffee Mill Offer?

Now for the good stuff. Here at Coffee Mill, we offer delicious coffee for every budget and taste. Some of our popular Premium coffees include Starbucks, Caribou, Sam and Evans, Peet’s Coffee and Tea, and Dunn Bros. If you’re searching for something a little easier on the wallet, we offer a number of excellent Quality and Value coffees. We know not everyone loves coffee as much as we do, so we also offer a great selection of tea, hot chocolate, and cider. 

As part of our office coffee services we provide sugar and sweetener, creamer, cups, napkins, and sleeves. But what’s a breakroom without snacks? Many of our customers love having Lipton Soup in the office for a quick, healthy meal. And for those with a sweet or savory tooth, we can ensure candy, popcorn, soda, and juice are always in stock. 

Coffee Mill Cares about People and the Environment 

Here at Coffee Mill, we care deeply about where our coffee comes from and who it impacts. Because of this, we offer organic, bird friendly, fair trade, and rainforest alliance products. 

Not the Biggest, But the Best!

Coffee Mill may not be the biggest company in the industry, but we are the best. If you’re interested in bringing a custom beverage service to your office, we would be honored to build a relationship with you. Give us a call today and discover how Coffee Mill is different from other office coffee delivery services in the Twin Cities!