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Coffee, Work Productivity, and Science

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The science is officially in.  Coffee increases work productivity and the amount you can (and should) consume according to scientific research may surprise you.  Three to five 8-ounce cups is what’s recommended to gain some key advantages over your non coffee drinking cohorts.  Read on to learn about the three compelling reasons to get your office and employees set up with Coffee Mill, your go to for office coffee supplies MN.

Put a Stop to Sleepiness

There’s actually a compound in your brain called adenosine that is halted from doing its dirty work of causing drowsiness when caffeine is consumed.  Caffeine from your cuppa’ slips in and blocks adenosine receptors in your brain, tricking it into thinking it’s not tired.  So while coffee doesn’t actually “wake you up,” it can make you feel more alert.

Become a Visionary

While coffee may actually stunt some forms of solo creativity because it helps the mind to focus rather than wander into artistic territory, its ability to break down barriers between people allows for inventive thinking.  By connecting individuals over a common desire, instilling in them a sense of comfort, and removing typical professional barriers, folks tend to be more free in their conversations and build on each other’s ideas.

Others claim that the focus that caffeine affords them clears their mind and allows for innovative ideas to foster.

Pack in More Data

This study reports that caffeine allows the brain to identify words and phrases more quickly than a coffee-less brain.  Thus hypothesizing, when you fuel up with java, you can actually learn more things at a faster pace all while retaining greater amounts of information.  What’s not to love?

There’s little to lose in the gamble of providing your employees with great coffee.  Not only will they appreciate you for it, they’ll be more productive in the workplace.  Science says so.

Office Coffee Supplies MN

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