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One Cup Coffee Maker MN

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Depending on your workplace, some days there are fewer employees on location than others. On slow days or after regular business hours, it may not be necessary to make an entire pot of coffee. What do you do if you’re the only guy in the office and you just want a cup of joe? Simple. Turn to the one cup coffee maker!

The single cup coffee makers do exactly what it says, which allows you to enjoy the coffee you want without dumping half a pot down the sink or, worse, drinking the whole thing and jittering through your day. Single cup coffee makers also provide another advantage: each employee is able to choose the flavor they want for their cup.

No more compromising over which type of coffee to buy for the entire office. With the touch of a button, everyone can get their favorite. Choose from iced coffees, hot chocolate, tea, or more than 200 coffee flavors!

In MN, the weather gets cool and with fall approaching, now is a great time to stock your employee break room with necessities. Why not add a single cup coffee maker? Your employees will love you for it and it will get more use than the microwave!

Did you know that offices that feature a well-stocked break room are more productive? It’s true. When employees can get the products they want in their own building, they’re less inclined to leave for lunch. This leads to more production and increased performance.

Do you have any questions about our one cup coffee maker or any other products and services we offer? We can be reached by filling out the online contact form provided or by calling 763-391-7997. We can help you with a variety of product options that will make your break room a success.