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Here’s How to Organize a High Functioning Breakroom

Alex - Coffee Mill

Your staff works hard. They are constantly on the move, helping your clients, building new products, and performing the tasks that keep your business running. They do all the things that have people speaking of your company as the leader in your industry. But even the most dedicated employee needs a break now and again. The best companies use their break rooms to energize their employees and ready them for the remainder of the day. A good breakroom should help your staff overcome fatigue, hunger, and thirst. Coffee Mill can help you to create a breakroom that refreshes and invigorates your employees for a great day at work. We help do your coffee break right.

Coffee Break

At the center of every great break room is the coffee pot. Coffee has been proven to improve physical performance, sharpen focus, improve cognitive functioning, and aid in problem-solving. It also improves mood so that your employees are happier while at work. Coffee Mill can help you to find just the right coffee options to keep your workplace humming.  

Variety for Your Employees

Properly filtering the water for your coffee and having the proper brewing equipment is crucial for every successful break room. Having the right water filtration system and the perfect coffee brewing options for your busy workplace will keep your staff happy and efficient at the job. We have a wide selection of brewers from a multiple functioning single-serving Keurig machine to a high capacity brewer that makes 6 gallons of coffee at a time for those offices with a large staff or numerous customers.

For the non-coffee drinkers among us, Coffee Mill also provides a wide selection of teas, cocoa, water, juice, and soft drinks to offer employees for their breaks or to empower them at their desks and workstations.  

Don’t Forget Food

Hunger can be distracting. A hungry employee is less productive. Providing quick hit food options can give your staff the energy they need to make it through until lunch. By providing soup, candy, popcorn and condiment options, you can keep your employees attentive and engaged for the remainder of their shifts.  

Coffee Mill can also supply you with sweeteners, creamer, cups, stirring sticks, paper plates, and cleaning supplies. Coffee Mill has everything your staff could want for their breaks and to power them through the rest of the workday. Everything you and your staff need to create a high functioning breakroom for a high functioning workplace is right here.