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Coffee Spotlight: Peace Coffee

peace coffee

Coffee Mill is proud to offer Peace Coffee to our customers. Peace Coffee has been roasting fair trade coffee in the heart of Minneapolis since 1996. Each coffee bean comes from a small-scale coffee farm around the globe: Guatemala, Peru, Honduras, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia and Indonesia. Lee Wallace, Owner and CEO, visits the farms where the coffee is grown, and has relationships with these coffee farmers. The coffee is Fair Trade, meaning the workers receive a fair wage in exchange for their products. 

Peace Coffee’s impressive roastery is located in southeast Minneapolis in the Greenway Building, which is outfitted with solar panels, geothermal heat and a rooftop garden. They also have three coffee shops in Minneapolis, two downtown and one in Wonderland Park. Additionally, there is a mobile Peace Coffee Truck that hits the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul during the summer months.  

Peace Coffee received B Corporation certification in early 2018, showing their dedication to the environment, moral and ethical business practices, and sustainable future goals. Peace Coffee earned this designation through bicycle delivery, occupying a green building, and paying farmer cooperatives a fair wage.

In addition to being a great company, their coffee is delicious! Coffee Mill proudly stocks the Twin Cities blend, rich with flavors of toasted almonds and caramel. 

If your office is ready for some delicious Fair Trade coffee, give Coffee Mill a call! We will set up your office with great coffee you can feel good about.