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Riffing on Service

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Great service begins long before we install a brewer at our customers’ place of business.

Great Service means being preventative as well as being prompt, responsive and effective when a problem arises.

We are preventative in a number of ways, including:

Using copper water lines when plastic, which is less expensive, is more cost effective. This virtually eliminates floods at your office resulting, in water damage.

We use higher quality parts than the less expensive parts that come standard with each brewer, such as thicker rubber tubing and higher grade thermostats. Our customers experience less service calls because of this.

Here ‘s how we are prompt, responsive and effective:

Riffing on Service
  • We clean or exchange airpots each delivery. We take a different approach to this, as the industry standard is to deliver cleaning solution and place the responsibility of cleaning on to the customer.
  • We offer a maximum of four hour response time for all product needs and service calls, with most call responses in the 2-3 hour range, and receive many compliments on our prompt responses.
  • We dispatch experienced, professional and uniformed Route and Service Representatives.
  • Our Route and Service Techs average 11 years’ experience in the Office Beverage Industry. With this experience comes knowledge of how to take care of our customers.
  • We offer free maintenance and cleaning of brewers and surrounding counter area. Your employees sometimes don’t clean up after themselves, so we do it!
  • We handle the inventory management-you are stocked with just the right amount of product. This means you do not have too much money tied up into coffee inventory, and enough that you will not run out of product before we come back.
  • We offer product usage reports to help with budgeting and forecasting.
  • We monitor all service calls placed for our equipment – We log service repairs or problems on all brewers, and proactively replace any brewers that experience repeated problems.

At least, that’s what we think