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This is the Solution for Office Coffee Makers

John Schnobrich - Coffe Milk

Every office is different and has separate needs for their breakroom and office coffee makers. Some offices are larger with dozens and even hundreds of employees and some are smaller with far fewer staff. Some offices have employees that have been working together for 20 years and others give young employees their first chance in the professional world.

Each office also serves a different clientele. The only thing every office has in common is coffee; they all need coffee. The real difference between one workplace breakroom and another is how they take their coffee.

Serving Sizes Customized


No matter how your employees and clients like their coffee, Coffee Mill can make your breakroom serve the needs of your office. For large offices, our Coffee Barista Brewer allows you to make up to 6 gallons of coffee at once with absolute control over the temperature and strength of the brew. This combination is perfect both for larger companies and for those that serve a number of thirsty clients in a day.  


For medium-sized offices, we have our 20:1 air pot brewing system which allows you to brew one air pot at a time. Perfect for break rooms with low clearance, it has 3 independent brew selections to give everyone in your office the perfect cup of coffee.  


For smaller offices, the Newco ACE Brewer gives you just what you want in use of counter space and a wide range of brewing functions. A top of the line brewer that makes sure your last cup of the day is just as tasty as your first cup is standard on this machine.  


For those offices that want a single cup offering, we provide the Keurig B3000SE. This wonderful little brewer provides a single cup of coffee, tea, cocoa, or a bevy of iced beverages for your employees and clients to choose from. This brewer also offers more than 200 different drinking options for your office to choose from. For offices of more than 50 people who would also like single cup coffee choices including cappuccino and latte options, we offer the Flavia Solution.  

The Best Coffee Available

Of course, your office’s coffee machine is only as good as the coffee you use. Coffee Mill offers a variety of quality organic, Fairtrade, Bird Friendly, and Rainforest Certified coffees to choose from. We also have a selection of teas, cocoa, and soups to energize your staff. We can help you with your water filtration system as clean water makes the best tasting coffee. We’ll also provide cups, lids, sweeteners, and creamers and other break room supplies like paper towels, cleaning supplies, paper plates, condiments, and candy.  

Your staff works hard. When they need a break, Coffee Mill can help you create a breakroom with office coffee makers that will recharge them for the rest of the day.