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Summer Guide to Refreshing Cold Coffee Drinks

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Nothing keeps the heat at bay better than a refreshing cold coffee.

So, you’ve been dreaming of that delicious coffee drink all day, but when you get to the front of the line at the local coffee shop, you have no idea which cold drink to order. Do you want a cold brew? An iced latte? How about a Frappuccino?

Cold coffee continues to rise in popularity, which means new tasty beverages are consistently being added to the menu. It’s hard to keep up, right?

Here is your summer guide to refreshing cold coffee drinks so you can order your coffee like a pro.

Iced Coffee

Summer guide refreshing cold coffee drinks

This coffee is brewed normally and then cooled down in the fridge. It’s your regular, everyday coffee poured over ice.

The flavor is similar to your regular hot coffee, perhaps slightly diluted from the ice cubes (unless you use coffee ice cubes), but it still has a nice, full body.

You can order a number of different coffee drinks “iced” such as mochas and lattes.

Want to make yourself a delicious iced coffee at home? Try out this iced mocha recipe or give this Ice Caffe Latte recipe a whirl!

Cold Brew

This coffee is brewed cold, not hot like regular coffee. Medium to coarse grounds are steeped in water that is cool or room temperature for an extended period of time (around 12 hours), then the grounds are filtered out so you get a clean cup of Joe.

The result? A smooth beverage that contains almost twice the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee. And because this coffee is never exposed to heat, it is less acidic and generally less bitter. Want to sweeten it up? Add a flavor shot.

Want to make cold brew at home? Check out this easy to follow video!



Frappuccino’s are a trademark of Starbucks, but there are tons of other coffee shops that have adopted similar drinks under different names.

These sweet beverages consist of coffee (or espresso), milk, ice, and flavored syrup all blended together. They are usually topped with whipped cream and other divine toppings like chocolate drizzle.

If you’re trying to lay off the caffeine, you can order a Frappuccino without coffee. Want to save on calories? Forgo the oh-so-tasty toppings.

Want to make your own? Give this super simple Frappuccino recipe a try.

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