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Summer’s Hottest Trend: Coffee Soda

Summer’s Hottest Trend: Coffee Soda

How you take your coffee is usually a pretty personal choice. You have probably been drinking it more or less the same way as long as you can remember (although perhaps you might have lowered your sugar intake just a little bit). With coffee vans for sale up and down the country, and the coffee industry booming, you should perhaps try and branch out a little.

With so many different varieties of coffee available out there, it might be time to try something new. As they are all made from the same blends as your usual latte, the taste will be familiar. The different ways of taking coffee tend to revolve around the same shot as well, but the differences can help keep you enjoying coffee for the long term.

Despite the almost overwhelming number of ways to already get your coffee fix these days—from good old drip to nitro— there’s a hot new trend one more permutation to add to your caffeine rotation: coffee soda. Wait… What? Coffees and sodas tend to be either-or situations. Though they have caffeine in common, the former is traditionally hot, black, and bitter, while the latter, packed with heaps of tooth-melting sugar, most often arrives over ice. Coffee soda, the refreshing alternative is, essentially, coffee mixed with soda water; a bubbly, iced Americano if you will.

Unlike a latte or an Americano or even nitro cold brew, there is no one standard coffee soda recipe or way to make it, so every coffee shop makes their coffee soda a little bit differently. At most places, the coffee itself will not be carbonated. Instead, coffee soda is a shot of espresso or a serving of cold brew that’s finished with seltzer water. There’s often some citrus added, be it a twist of orange peel or a splash of fruit juice, along with some sugar or syrup.

Ready to give coffee soda a shot? Here’s a good recipe to try:

The Durham Hotel  Coffee Soda by barista, Mark Dauman  


8 cups cold brew coffee
4 cups sugar
1 vanilla bean
Sparkling water
Lemon twist (for garnish)


Combine cold brew coffee, sugar and vanilla bean in a medium saucepan and reduce the volume to 4 cups to make a coffee soda syrup. Once you have the syrup, combine syrup with sparkling water (1 oz. syrup to 10 oz. water), crushed ice and twist of lemon for garnish.

This recipe originally appeared in Vogue magazine.

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