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The benefit of Pulse Brew coffee brewers


Pulse brew coffee brewing technology is relatively new in the coffee industry.

Pulse brewing involves increasing the coffee-water contact time by pre-infusing coffee grounds with hot water prior to the brewing process. This pre-infusion is similar to allowing wine to breathe before it is consumed. Wine, when exposed to oxygen, “opens up” and releases more aromas and flavors. Similarly, when coffee is pre-infused with water it is allowed to “open up” before the brewing process begins. The pre-infusion increases the water coffee contact time throughout the brewing process which allows the coffee to absorb the water better, which increases the amount of coffee’s flavor compounds and acids that make up the flavor profile.

At Coffee Mill, we have found that the pre-infusing water through pulse brew technology increases the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) by more than 20%. This means the coffee will have a significant increase in depth of flavor and flavor nuances and characteristics that will not be found in coffee brewed without the pre-infusion process.